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Software Approval Process

NMUSD Software Request for Approval Procedure

All schools, area offices and District departments are asked to adhere to the software approval procedure outlined below.  The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that schools and departments acquire software (whether by purchase, grant, or donation) that is compatible with District technology. Software purchased without this approval will not be installed or supported by Technology Services.

The Software Approval Committee will look at the software from a technical standpoint to determine if our workstations, desktop and laptop computers, meet the vendor's recommended operating system and hardware requirements. 
The Committee will also determine:

a.    if the site’s or department's server is capable of running the application.
b.    if the network infrastructure is capable of supporting the application. 
c.    if the software will function as promised.
d.    if similar software is already in use in the district.

The appropriate department(s) may also be asked to provide input in this process. 

We ask that you also use the process below if you are seeking to upgrade to a new version of a previously acquired software program.


  1. Please complete the Software Request for Approval form in Microsoft Word so it can be emailed.
    (Click on the link above to download the form.)
  2. We recommend you contact the vendor or visit the website to get the most current information for completing the form. If possible try to secure a full functioning evaluation copy of the software.
  3. Submit the form via email to software@nmusd.us. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR SCHOOL SITE OR DEPARTMENT IN THE SUBJECT LINE.
  4. In addition, if you did obtain an evaluation copy of the software, send it via district mail to Ed Tech Dept with a copy of your form.
  5. Fax or send via district mail, a copy of the form, signed by the Principal or Director, to the attention of Ed Tech Dept. at 714.424.5073.

The committee will evaluate your request and contact you within 10 working days upon receipt of Software Request for Approval form and evaluation software (if applicable).

Contact Us

Please be sure to include your school site or department in the subject line.


The committee will evaluate your request and contact you within 10 working days upon receipt of Software Request for Approval form and evaluation software (if applicable).