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Recycling Program

Recycling is an important and sustainable activity NMUSD practices everyday. Through our waste hauling contractor Ware Disposal Inc., at least 50% of the trash that is collected from our schools and offices is diverted from the landfill and recycled per AB939 State of California requirements. Ware partners with the Madison Materials transfer station which handles and sorts trash, recyclables, construction and demolition (CD) materials and green waste from their customers in their certified Materials Recovery Facility or “MRF”. Ware now picks up all of our trash and recyclables with one vehicle and no longer requires source separation on our part. This saves time, reduces traffic and promotes a safer environment for our schools.

Although not required, many of our schools are participating in various recycling and waste reduction activities as a way to further protect our environment and/or raise funds through their site’s PTA/PFO. If your site wishes to become involved with these types of recycling activities, the best way to proceed is to have your site’s PTA/PFO enter into an agreement with the recycling vendor directly. Please discuss and obtain prior approval from your site administrator and then submit a Site Modification (see website) signed by the principal, and indicate the area in which you’d like to put the collection bin(s).  Facilities, Maintenance, and Operations will approve the location, or recommend a different location if necessary. 

If a site chooses to go through an ASB affiliated group instead, the District Office would have to enter into a service agreement with the vendor directly. Upon NMUSD Board of Education approval, a contract can be signed by the Superintendent or an Assistant Superintendent, and recycling activities can begin.  A separate account can be established to receive any monies raised, and then these funds can be distributed according to CA Education Code standards. 

There are no “pre-approved” recycling vendors that a site may choose from, however you may contact PTA’s/PFO’s from other schools to learn more about how their recycling vendors are performing.