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Mandarin Dual-Immersion, College Park Elementary

Elementary: Mandarin Immersion Program

Learning to a Whole New Level

Mandarin Chinese is the mother tongue of more than 800 million people, making it the most widely-spoken first language in the world.  A primary goal of the program is to prepare students to successfully continue their Mandarin studies through middle and high school.

Why Language Immersion?

Benefits of language immersion include:

  • Understanding, tolerance and respect for other languages and cultures
  • Seal of Biliteracy upon high school graduation
  • Divergent thinking, concept formation, verbal abilities, listening skills and reasoning
  • Ability to compete in a global economy by enhancing job opportunities
  • Better understanding of native language
  • Enhanced speaking skills

Enrichment Offerings

  • Music- Band, Choir, and dance, with community performances
  • Membership in the No Excuses University (NEU) network
  • Art Masters Program, sponsored by PTA
  • Chromebooks in Mandarin Immersion Program and grades 2-6. Access to iPads (K-1) and a DASH Robotics Kit (K-6).
  • Running Club
  • After-school programs
    • Project Kidz Connect 
    • City of Costa Mesa ROCKS recreation program
    •  "Let's Read" after-school intervention provided by students from Vanguard University

Biliteracy is an essential 21st Century skill!

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Do I have to reside within Newport-Mesa attendance area to apply?
Yes. Enrollment is limited to students who reside within the Newport-Mesa Unified School District’s attendance boundaries.

Do I need to live within the Whittier attendance zone?
No. Enrollment is open district-wide.

Is there a benefit to having my child’s application completed on the first day of enrollment?
No. All applications are date stamped to verify that they were submitted during the open enrollment period. All applications submitted during enrollment have an equal chance.

Can parents get a tentative approval if they have to pay private school tuition prior to the notification date?
No. Tentative approvals are not given.