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Aeries CS FAQs


Q: I am unable to log into AeriesCS. What should I do?
A: First, be sure you are not entering a username and you are entering a password.  Also, check that the database is NMUSD-SIS1 and that you have the correct school code selected. 

Click here step-by-step directions here.

If none of the above works either send email to
Contact the HELP Desk: H-E-L-P (x4357) or (714) 424-8998

Q: The Aeries Icon is missing from my desktop.  Where is it?
A: In order to support all users with up to the minute information, we want all Aeries users to log in from the Aeries website  You can create and add a shortcut to this page on your desktop.

Q: How do I search for a student by their first name?
A:  Using the Ctl-F method, you can search for any field/data. Please Note: It will only show you the first match, then you need to click the Find Next button to get to the next, and the next,...etc.
Click here for Step-by-step directions

Q: What is the difference between the Student Number (aka Stu#) and the Student ID Number (aka Perm ID No.)?
A: The “Student Number” is shorter and it will change from year to year, or school to school if the student transfers; so we generally don’t use this. The Student ID Number (aka Perm ID No.) is the number we use for students. This number follows students through their entire time in NMUSD.

Q: Will new students automatically be added to Data Director?
A:  Yes, Data Director is updated weekly on Thursdays.

Q: What do I do if past teachers and staff are showing up in Aeries?
A: Past teachers and staff have been removed and inactive teachers shouldn’t show up when you print class rosters. If this not the case at your site, please email  Be sure to include your site in the message. 

Q: What does Correspondence Language in Aeries refer to?
A: Correspondence Language refers to what was Home Language in SASI.

Q: What does Home Language in Aeries refer to?
A: Home Language refers to what was Primary Language in SASI.

Q: Where do I enter “US entry date” for our foreign born students?
A: This data is entered on the Language Assessment form under Student Data and Programs.
There is one date for entry into the US and another for entry into a US school.

Q: Where can I enter or find a Student's Locker # and Locker combo?
A: The Locker # is found or entered in the middle of the Student Form. The Locker combo should already be in Aeries-on the Lockers form. (View ALL Forms and filter for Locker)

Q: Where can I find the Streets Form (similar to the Streets Atom in SASI)?
A: The Streets form can be found by clicking on View ALL Forms and filter for Streets.

Q: Where is the Alternate Phone Number for Parents?
A: This appears in the Contacts Cell Phone area.

Q: Every time I try to update the student’s address, the system does not save the changes. Why aren’t the changes being saved? How should I format addresses?
Aeries does not like the way we’ve historically entered apartment numbers: 123 Main St, 101A   
Do the following instead:

1. Don’t use commas, periods or other punctuation (e.g. just “Dr” not “Dr.”)
2. Enter North, South, East, West directions (if any) as a single character after the street number – again, no punctuation (e.g. 123 E Main St)
3. Use the following abbreviations for street types:  Av, Blvd, Cir, Ct, Dr, Hwy, Ln, Pl, Rd, Sq, St, Ter, Wy
4. When entering an apartment number, enter a space, pound-sign and apartment number.  This is a change from the way SASI worked.  So, for example, you would enter “123 Main St #101A”  

Q: Are there more Help documents available for Aeries?
A: Hundreds!  Look for the Knowledge Base link on the left menu.

Enrollment & Attendance

Q: Where do I enter Address Verification information?
A: On the Student data form, enter the date of address verification in the Name Address Verification field.
On the Supplemental form, enter the Address verification # in the Addr Ver Conf# field.

Q: Where can I see the student's prior enrollment in N-MUSD (previous schools)?
A: This will be shown on the Enrollment History screen. However, we still need to convert prior years of SASI history before this data will be available in Aeries. So, for now, look in SASI for this information.

Q: How do I "No Show" a student?
A: Click here to view step-by-step directions.

Q: Why are the Withdrawal Codes different in Aeries?
A: Withdrawal Codes are now standardized so you may notice a difference from codes used in SASI. Each code is followed by a description.

Q: How do I reactivate a student at my site?
A: Add an Attendance Enrollment record with the re-entry date and teacher, then go back to the Demographics page and change the student’s status to Active and remove the Leave Date.

Q: Where do I find answers to FAQs for ABI?
A: Click here to go to the ABI FAQs.

Q: How do I add Student ID Number (aka Perm ID#) to the Class Roster Report?
A: Click here to view step-by-step directions.

Q: What reports do sites send to District Attendance?

  • Weekly Class Roster -  Teachers should run this sign at the end of each reporting period
    Click here to view step-by-step directions.
  • Monthly Attendance Summary (= ATD53) - Run for principals signature and then send to Jan Ford
  • Discipline - For each reporting period you will run the discipline distribution report.  Please run with only suspension codes and enter the report period dates and send to Jan Ford with your monthly reports.  You might want to run with all codes so you can check that all suspensions were entered with a correct suspension code and not a non-suspension code.

Q: A teacher is reporting a double student entry in one of their classes in ABI?  Why is the student showing up twice?

A: The double entry is due to two entry dates for the student. ABI and all attendance uses the Course Attendance for showing which students have classes during which periods. Go to the Course Attendance form (found on the Student Data 1 Screen) and check that there is only one entry date.

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